About us

Our vision is to drive change from within, attracting and retaining new talent, helping support independent advisers, lessening the advice gap and ultimately shaping the future of financial services.   

Our goals

Attract and retain new entrants into the financial services sector and provide them with the training, resource and support needed to launch their new career. 

Support existing talent to become truly independent, resulting in much-needed growth and innovation within the industry. 

Change the perception of the financial services industry by being truly diverse and inclusive. 

Provide financial education to the ‘lost generation’ of people who didn’t learn about personal finances in school or have access to any information surrounding it. 

Break the taboos surrounding money by providing the information and platform needed for people to become more open to the subject. 

Create real and fundamental changes to the financial advice landscape and the way the general public access it, ultimately working towards closing the advice gap. 

Our people

Cathi Harrison FPFS

Founder & CEO

Following her success with The Verve Group, Cathi set up The Verve Foundation as a not-for-profit early in 2021. With her unique ability to identify problems within the industry and take immediate action to solve them, she’s on a mission to drive change from within. When she’s not coming up with fresh new ways of improving financial services, she loves spending time with her little boy and exploring new places, all with a nice glass of wine in hand.

Emma Napier


Emma joined the team in April 2023 as Chairperson. She brings with her decades of experience across all areas of financial services and a true passion for doing the right thing. As Co-Chair of the Women in Platforms networking group, she helps to empower those who need support in the industry. Emma has been a supporter of The Verve Foundation from the very beginning and generously gives her time to help keep the strategy on track. Aside from being our number 1 cheerleader, Emma love horses, dogs and Italy, in that order!

Hayley Rabbets AdvDipFA


Once upon a time Hayley was The Verve Foundation’s Ambassador for Education and in January 2023 she came on board to head everything up on a full-time basis. This means Hayley has a (rather fetching) hat to wear for everything from marketing to ops. With the aim of creating and investing further into the future of finance, Hayley is on a mission to break down the barriers to a career in finance and the misconceptions of finance in the broader world. When she’s not wearing hats, Hayley enjoys being in the great outdoors watching live music, walking her dog and doing a spot of gardening.

Our supporters

As a not-for-profit, The Verve Foundation relies on sponsorship from our partners to continue on our mission to invest in the future of finance.  

None of what we’ve built so far would have been possible without our partners, so a huge thank you to… 


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